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Sports Therapy Solutions

About Athletic Therapy


What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic therapy is the prevention, treatment and evaluation of musculoskeletal (muscle, bones, joints and soft tissue) injuries. We provide whole body assessment and treatment in an active rehabilitation approach in which treats the “cause” of the injury. We work passionately to ensure a rapid and safe return to work, play and school after an injury.

Athletic therapists treat;
 common everyday injuries from falls to sports injuries
 chronic pain & recurring conditions
 pre and post-surgical injuries
 emergencies at sporting events such as concussion, fractures and spinal injuries

Who do we treat?
 Athletes
 Children
 Seniors
 Inactive Population
 Disabled Population
 Pregnant Women

So whether you want to walk without a cane to the mailbox or you want to get back to competitive sports, we are the SOLUTION!

AT’s treatment incorporates;
 Massage, muscle energy, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), stretching and joint mobilizations
 Modalities including; muscle stimulation, IFC (interferential current), ultrasound, electrical acupuncture and cyrotherapy
 Spinal decompression/Inversion table
 Taping, bracing and orthotic fitting
 Exercise Prescription
 Strength & conditioning programs

Effects of treatment;
 Improve health of muscles, bones, ligaments, fascia and connective tissues of the body
 Decrease muscle tension, nerve radiculopathy, pain, soreness, and swelling
 Improve circulation for healing/lymphatic drainage

Athletic Therapy is in MOST EXTENDED HEALTH CARE PLANS as a “paramedical service” or it can be used
through with a “Health Spending Account.” Make sure to call and ask your insurance provider to ask
about Athletic Therapy coverage!

Also MOST athletes injured in a sport setting also have additional AT insurance coverage with their sport
organization (Hockey Canada, Ontario soccer association, etc.)

Certified Athletic therapists can be identified with the CAT(C) credential.