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Sports Therapy Solutions

Services And Fees

Massage Therapy Sessions

  •   30 minute appointment - $75
  •   45 minute appointment - $90
  •   60 minute appointment - $113
  •   75 minute appointment (assessments only) - $130
  •   90 minute appointment - $175

NOTE: Assessments for massage will be booked as a 75 minute session for new patients only; assessment will include treatment.


Athletic Therapy Sessions

  •   Assessment of New Injury/New Patient (includes treatment) - $115

*Please note that assessments depending on extent of injury/case, may take 60-75 minutes. 

  •   30 minute appointment - $75
  •   45 minute appointment - $90
  •   60 minute appointment - $113


Additional Services

  • Virtual Assessment/Consult and Programming - $85
  • Virtual Exercise Programming (Personalized) - $50

*Ask your therapist for more information on what virtual sessions may look like for you!


Taping - $15 (This is not an additional charge if included as a modality in your treatment session)


*All prices include HST

*No show fees will NOT include HST because a service was not rendered.


*We accept ALL payment methods - VISA, MC, AMEX, DEBIT and DEBIT-VISA TAP, CASH and E-transfers to your therapist.

*All services will be provided with an e-receipt. Printed receipts will be available upon request. Annual summaries for tax purposes are also available by request if needed.


*Please note that session fees posted above will be in effect as of April 1, 2022. The increases are due to an increase in operation costs.